Friday, 29 June 2018

Standard Operation Procedure during Floorball Training

If you did not bring your:

Floorball Sticks
1st time: Verbal warning
2nd time: Run 50 rounds around the field

1st time: Verbal Warning
2nd time: Strength and Weakness evaluation for all players of 2 different levels. 
Example google sheet by Fleming

Notebook, Ball or Water Bottle
1st time: Twenty Push-Ups
2nd time and more: Double the amount of push-ups done previously

**If you are feeling unwell that day, you still need to come down for floorball training unless you are feeling very sick.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Floorball Schedule for the 2018

Term 1Annoucement of B Division Competition Team (W3)
B Division Competition
(W4 - W9)
Confirmation of C Division Exco (W2)Join CCA (W8)
March HolidayNo CCA except FACEOFF game on 17 & 18 March
Term 2CCA Step Down (W4)Selection of C Division Begins
CCA Stand down (W4) 16 Apr
CCA Resume (W9) 15 May
Announcement of C Division Competition Team W10
June HolidayNo CCA
Term 3No CCASelection for B Div Competition Team on-goingC Division Competition
(W1 - W5)
Sept HolidayNo CCA
Term 4No CCACCA Stand down (W1) 17 Sep
CCA Resume(W6) 15 Oct
Confirmation of B Division Exco (W8)
Nov-Dec HolidayNo CCA (21 Nov till 31 Dec)

Note these are the school holidays and public holidays

DATEDayPublic Holidays
1-Jan-2018MondayNew Year's Day
16 February 2018
17 February 2018
Chinese New Year
30-Mar-2018FridayGood Friday
1-May-2018TuesdayLabour Day
29-May-2018TuesdayVesak day
15-Jun-2018FridayHari Raya Puasa
2-Jul-2018MonYouth Day school holiday
9-Aug-2018ThursdayNational Day
22-Aug-2018WednesdayHari Raya Haji
31-Aug-2017FriTeachers' Day holiday

Friday, 17 February 2017

Stick available for sale on 24th Feb

The vendor would arrive at SST at 3pm outside ISH with the sticks shown below.
Please comment below which sticks you are keen by 22nd Feb and bring the money on 24th to get your sticks as soon as possible.

They will provide the sticks available while stocks last.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Monday, 16 January 2017

B Division Selection Day 2

I apologies that it is not the best type of video to watch.

However, I believe I was able to capture all the shots made in the game.

Do look at what the coach is looking out for your play.

Ms Brown will be announcing the B Division competition players on Wednesday.

Good Luck

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Things to note training 5/1/17

Things to note.
Stick grip should be at the top and not too low as it will prevent us from using the full potential of our stick. The holding of the stick should look this.

Another one is to bait your opponent when shielding at the corner. Defenders should also not stay in line with the attacker. Instead, be always be in between the goal and the attacker. Oh yes do not over commit just like what happened in this video.